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MBT Degman

Main Battle Tank Degman brings out successfully accomplished combination of tank M-84 and modern trends and solutions. Basic good properties of tank M-84 are kept: low silhouette, small mass, high density power train and powerful main armament. Implementing of advanced gun fire controls with thermal imaging sights and MCS, improved turret drives, RRAK explosive reactive armour, protection systems, communication equipment and other, gave a tank with amazing characteristics.
Philosophy of open architecture, as capital DEGMAN eminence, enables full combining autonomy. Final tank structure could be defined according to specific user requests, dependable of compatibility, interoperability, operational-tactical, climatic and other requests. Selection between several options, mutually different in sophistication, technical characteristics and parameters, brings out a new and recognizable approach.

General data

Combat weight: 44.5 t
Crew: 3
Length, gun forward: 10140 mm
Width: 3590 mm
Height: 2190 mm
Clearance: 428 mm
Specific ground pressure: 0.95 bars
Fuel capacity: 1450 lit.
Cruising range on road: 700 km
Specific power: 16.5 kW/t
Max. speed on road: 70 kmph
Acceleration (0 to 32 kmph): 8.5 s
Max. gradient: 58%
Max. grade slope: 47%
Trench width: 2.60 to 2.80 m
Vertical obstacle: 0.85 m
Fording depth: 1.20/1.80 m
Dive depth: 5 m


Main gun: cal. 125 mm smooth bore tank gun with 3 types of two-part bullets (AP-FSDS, HEAT, HE)
Ammunition capacity: 42 pcs (22 in automatic loader)
Firing speed: up to 8 pcs/min

Anti-aircraft MG:

12.7 mm
Ammunition capacity: 360 pcs

Coaxial MG:

7.62 mm
Ammunition capacity: 2000 pcs

Smoke pots launcher:

12 pcs

Drive and suspension

Engine: 12-cylinder, 4 stroke, multi-fuel diesel engine, water cooled, with 2 turbo-chargers and intercooler
Power: 735 kW (1000 HP)
Transmission: two gear-boxes with side transmission in gear-box axes, hydraulically steered
Gears (forward/reverse): 5 / 1
Suspension: independent, with torsion bars, 6 hydraulic dampers, 6 road wheels and 3 return rollers per side
Drive: idler wheels on front, sprocket at rear
Tracks: 840I tracks with removable rubber pads



1200 HP compact power pack
Transmission hydro-kinetic planetary gear-box
Tracks M-84 tracks with rubber pads

Power supply

Voltage: 27 +2/-5 V

Military batteries

MIL 190130
   Start 12 V - 190 Ah - 1300 A
   Quantity 4 pcs
   Total capacity 380 Ah

Starter generator

Starter mode

19.1 kW
   Voltage 48 V
Generator mode

10 kW
   Voltage 26.5 to 28.5 V

Fire Control System & Actuators



Stabilized gunner's laser sight
with day and night channel
Model SGS-D
   Day channel magnification 10x
   Night channel image intensifier 2nd generation
   Laser Nd-Yag
   Range distance 200 to 10000 m

Commander's sight

COMTOS (with integrated DNKS-2)

Fire control computer
   Min. azimuth firing gate

± 0.25 mils
   Min. elevation firing gate ± 0.2 mils
   Computing accuracy 0.1 mils
   Trunnion tilt ± 15°
   Crosswind ± 40 m/s

Gun vertical stabilized speed

0.8 mils/s
   Max. > 70 mils/s

Gun horizontal stabilized speed

1.0 mils/s
   Max. > 340 mils/s

Hydraulic turret & gun drive system


Main gun loading

automatic, electromechanical
Model AP-175


Stabilized gunner's laser sight
with day and thermal channel
Model TSGS-D

Thermal channel with cooled detector:
   Spectral band

3 to 5 µm
   Noise equivalent temp. difference (NETD) < 0.05 K
   Detection range > 4000 m
   Recognition range > 2000 m

Electrical turret & gun drive system

Communication Equipment


BCC 600

VHF Transceiver

PR4G (2 pcs)
   Frequency range 30 to 88 MHz
   Hopping rate 300 hops/s
   RF output power max. 50 W

HF Transceiver

TRC 3600-3
   Frequency range 3 to 30 MHz
   RF output power max. 400 W

Operation mode

Voice communication
Security voice
Vocoded voice
Number of prog. channels 100


Hull, turret multi layer composite armour

Additional armour

type RRAK, (hull front and side skirts, turret)

Laser warning system

Direct detection module
   Spectral range

0.4 to 1.6 µm
   Field of view in azimuth 20x18° = 360°
   Field of view in elevation -20° to +60°
Indirect detection module
   Spectral range

1.0 to 1.6 µm
   Field of view in azimuth 360°
   Field of view in elevation -7° to -13°
Indicator unit
   Angular resolution in azimuth

   Threat characterization laser rangefinder
laser designator
indirect radiation
AT laser-guided-missile

Smoke protection

engine operated smoke screen, six smoke launchers per side

Fire extinguishing

model SZ-2000, digitalized system to protect crew and vehicle, powered by microcontroller, high interference immunity

NBK detection

model DRHT

Driver's Control panel

Model RPV-2000
Digital driver's distribution panel is device dedicated for:
  • power supply distribution to circuit inside the vehicle
  • short circuit protection
  • engine and gear protection
  • incorporates supervising and measuring instruments with
    signalization; network connection with SZ-2000


Comb. D&N driver's periscope

Horizontal field of view 40° (night channel)
125° (day channel)
Vertical field of view 30° (night channel)
25° (day channel)
Image intensifier tube II+ generation

Auxiliary periscope

2 pcs
   commander 2 pcs


Thermal driver's periscope


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